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Birch Grove

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For more information about available lots, and current properties. Please contact Jon Mutchner.

Conveniently Located

Top rated Schools

Elementary School - DeVaney
Middle School - Wilson
High School - Terre Haute South

Medical Facilities

Numerous medical facilities are within miles

Golf Courses

Close to a variety of Golf Courses


Close to shopping options

Proximity to I-70

Proximity to I-70 enables easy access to Indianapolis and other statewide features.


Birch Grove is Located on Hulman Street between Brown and Fruitridge Avenues. A single entrance off of Hulman Street reduces the drive-thru traffic and adds to the privacy and security of the Birch Grove Community.

City, State

Terre Haute, IN

Township, County

Harrison Twp. Vigo

City Utilities

Sewer, Water, Natural Gas, Cable

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